About the program

Triple P Online is a 16-week, interactive positive parenting program you can work through at your own pace. It shares some great ideas about parenting and how to help children develop. You’ll get advice from Professor Matt Sanders, hear from other families around the world, and learn new ways of managing day-to-day parenting challenges.

There are eight modules covering areas from encouraging behavior you like and making shopping fun to managing misbehavior and dealing with disobedience. Each module has video demonstrations of positive parenting skills and activities to help you use these skills in managing day-to-day parenting challenges. Your work will be automatically saved in a personalized workbook.

A graduation certificate will be emailed after you complete Module 8.

The international award winning Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is backed by over 30 years of world wide research. It is supported by the World Health Organization, United Nations, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK), and the Institute of Medicine, American Psychological Association, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA).


Video clips

In each module, there are video clips demonstrating common parenting situations, and examples of positive parenting strategies. These brief clips run for a minute or two. Once you have watched each clip in full, you can watch any part of it again by using the video controls underneath it. Simply click on the video screen to pause or play the clip.


You will work through some activities to think about how this information fits with your own needs, and your family, and to help you put things into practice. You can also add notes along the way.


Once you have finished a module, resources become available to you. These range from worksheets and emails to podcasts and SMS summaries. You can access these from your Resources page. You can also opt in to receive a reminder SMS for each module that helps you remember your personal goals for the week.


All of the key points to remember are recorded in your own personalised workbook along with your answers to activities and any personal notes.  You can go to your workbook at any time during a module and you can save it as a PDF to keep.

There are two workbook versions, full text and dot points. The full text version is a transcript of the video clips as well as all your saved answers. The dot point version is a brief summary of the videos played and all your saved answers.

After 16 weeks from your first log in, your account will be de-activated and your content deleted. So make sure you save your workbook before the end of your 16 weeks.


You can earn badges as you work through the program. These are linked to the goals you set for putting your positive parenting strategies into practice in your family. Once you have selected your goals, if you try out your plan and complete the Check in activity about how you went with your goals, you will receive a badge.

The badges are listed on the Badges page. To get there, select the Menu button at the top of your screen and then select Badges.

Q&A library

The Q&A library is a great place to go to for that extra information or help you might need at times. The library is an archive of common questions and answers posted by other parents, so check to see if your question has already been asked and answered. You can sort the library by module and topic to find questions you may be interested in. As with your other resources, the Q&A library opens up as you complete the modules. You will have access to previous questions and responses up to your current module. More will become available as you work through the program.

To get there, select the Menu button at the top of your screen and then select Q&A library.